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Funding - Introduction

We are a Distributive Environmental Body that awards grants to support the natural, social and built environment as part of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

We have been doing this for 18 years. Since we were established in 1997, Veolia has supported us by contributions of over £64 million to 1,976 projects. These have included the repair of woodland footpaths, the renovation of community halls and the installation of playgrounds and play areas. 

There are several things you must do to turn your idea into a proposal and each step of this process provide the tools and information you need to do this – please read them carefully as you progress.  

We can only consider your idea if our postcode locator shows that your proposed project is in the proximity of a qualifying Veolia site.  

If we are able to consider your idea, you will then need to show how your project meets the requirements of the LCF and our specific funding criteria. If your project meets these, you will get the opportunity to complete and submit an initial enquiry where you will tell us more about it, how much it will cost, who will benefit and the size of grant you need. 

We will review your initial enquiry to determine whether we can consider your project. If we can, we will ask you to complete a full online application form – its questions can be found in the 'Forms & Guidance' section.  

Initial enquiries can be submitted at any time. However, we have four deadlines for full applications every year, which can be found in the 'Closing Dates' section. Our process is competitive as we are unable to fund every application. Each application is judged on its merits so it is in your best interest to show how your project meets our criteria. Competition for our grants is considerable. The last Board meeting (7 December 2015) saw a success rate of 26% for compliant projects. 

Remember, you can contact us if you want to discuss anything about your idea – we will be happy to help.

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