You need to submit an application that does justice to your project and highlights how it is going to make a real difference to people’s lives or the environment.

The process of applying for funding is in three stages – 1. Know, 2. Prepare and 3. Apply. Links to these three stages can be found on the left.

You need to move through each section in sequence and read all the information to get a complete picture of our criteria, what we look for in a project, what information we will need, and when is best to apply. You can also see examples of good project case studies in the ‘Our projects’ section of this site.

Know: This information enables you to check if your project meets our criteria and if our funding timetable is right for you. One of the key things you need to be aware of is that we only consider projects that are in the proximity of a qualifying Veolia site. Use our Postcode Checker to confirm this.

Prepare: This information will help you develop the best possible project.

Apply: Once you are happy that your project meets our criteria, you can start applying for funding by completing our ‘Eligibility Checker’. You will need to confirm that your project meets our key criteria. If it does, you will be able to progress to the Stage 1 of our application form.

Remember, you can contact us if you want to discuss anything about your project – we will be happy to help.