Our Criteria

Our Criteria

The following criteria are guidelines only and we reserve the right not to progress any application. We recommend you read the guidance documents available on the ‘Prepare’ section of this website before making a Stage 1 Application.

Where do we fund?

Use our online Postcode Checker to confirm your project is in an area we cover.

As well as your project meeting our postcode criteria, you must have 10% of the total project cost in cash (this cannot be the cash equivalent of goods/services provided for free) before you submit your Stage 1 Application. If you need any permissions (e.g. planning and/or a church faculty) they must be secured before you submit your Stage 2 Application. And if your applications are successful 10% of the awarded amount will also need to be found and paid to the landfill operator from a third party contributor.

What do we fund?

What don’t we fund?

✓  Applications from constituted, not-for-profit groups

✗  Regulatory bodies (e.g. Environment Agency)

✓  Capital improvement projects at a single site with discrete start and end dates in one of the following categories

✗  Zoos, museums, libraries, theatres, schools or hospitals

  • Community buildings and rooms: e.g. community centres; village halls; community spaces within religious buildings, Scout or Girlguiding buildings

✗  Educational or arts organisations

  • Outdoor spaces: e.g. public parks, nature reserves, community gardens, footpaths, bridleways or cycle-paths

✗  Organisations where members receive a financial benefit

  • Play and recreation: e.g. play areas, skateparks, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs), sports grounds, pavilions or changing rooms

✗  Projects where the public amenity is subject to a lease of less than six years remaining duration

  • Biodiversity projects - Applications from registered Environmental Bodies with projects that meet ENTRUST requirements

✗  Shops or projects established to generate an income for use other than for the upkeep of the project

✓  Projects that are open to the wider general public for at least 104 days a year without any limit or unreasonable restrictions of use

✗  Projects where there is accommodation on site

✓  Projects with a total cost of under £250,000 (including VAT and professional costs)

✗  Projects that involve the purchase of land or buildings

✓  Projects that have already secured at least 10% of the total cost

✗  Exhibitions, sculptures, statues or memorials

✓  Projects that have secured all permissions (e.g. planning)

✗  Restoration of buildings

✓  Maximum award of £75,000

✗  Allotments, graveyards or crematoria areas

✓  Minimum award of £10,000

✗  CCTV and portable equipment, including sports and fitness kit, lawnmowers, furniture and white goods

 ✓  Projects that will be completed within 12 months (18 months for biodiversity projects)

✗  Street scene improvements incl. streetside planting/lighting, car parks, roads or routes with vehicular access 


✗  Renewable energy projects to access feed-in tariffs e.g. solar panels  


✗  Staff costs that do not relate to the physical project  


✗  Projects that have already started 

When can you apply?

There are four funding rounds each year (see here for details).

Third party contributions

For all awards, an independent third party contributor will need to reimburse the landfill operator the 10% shortfall to release the grant. The contribution can be made by another funder, a local council or an individual.

To assist your application

When considering proposals, we look for projects that will:

  • Benefit a diverse range of users, including excluded, often overlooked, deprived and hard-to-reach groups
  • Meet a need that has been evidenced through community consultation
  • Involve volunteers
  • Use environmentally friendly solutions
  • Achieve value for money
  • Demonstrate innovation, imagination and excellence

Where can you apply?

If you have a project that meets the above criteria, you can apply through the funding section of this website.

On rare occasions we are able to consider applications requesting higher value grants of approximately £250,000. There are currently no higher value grants available, however, should you want to know more you can contact us.

Trust Criteria (96.18kb)